ROUND 1:Kookaburras drafted WR Anquan Boldin.Armageddon drafted RB Rudi Johnson.Wolfpack drafted WR Justin McCareins.Devildogs drafted RB Domanick Davis.Cheeseheads drafted OL Steve Hutchinson.TRADE:The Lightning Tribe traded the 3rd round pick of the Wildcats back to the Wildcats for OL Kendyl Jacox.TRANSACTION:The Lightning Tribe released WR Kevin Kasper and DB Ryan McNeil.TRADE:The Maulers traded DB Shawn Springs to the Undead for WR Dennis Northcutt.Blitzkrieg drafted LB Nick Barnett.TRADE:The Maulers traded DB Tony Parrish to the Wombats for their 1st round pick.TRANSACTION:Wombats released WR Antonio Freeman.Maulers (from Wombats) drafted OL Eric Steinbach.M&Mís drafted DB Jerome Woods.Kamikazes drafted DL Bertrand Berry.Harlequins drafted *Eli Manning*.Rednecks drafted WR Javon Walker.Trojans drafted OL Tom Walker.Undead drafted DB Charles Tillman.Twits drafted DB Ken Hamlin.Trojans (from Wildcats) drafted DB Brian Russell.Terminators released DL Bruce Smith, drafted LB David Thornton.TRANSACTION:The Madmen released QB Marques Tuiasosopo, DL Kavika Pittman, and DB Tom Knight.Madmen drafted DB Brian Williams.Scalpers drafted OL Daniel Koppen.Lightning Tribe drafted LB Mark Simoneau.Maulers drafted TE Dallas Clark.


ROUND 2:Kookaburras released K Bill Gramatica, drafted *Robert Gallery*.Armageddon drafted *Kellen Winslow*.Wolfpack drafted DB Nick Ferguson.Devildogs drafted WR David Givens.Cheeseheads drafted LB Scott Fujita.Blitzkrieg drafted LB Akin Ayodele.Wombats released DB Matt Stevens, drafted TE Jason Whitten.M&Mís drafted DB Mike Doss.Kamikazes drafted DB Rashean Mathis.Harlequins released DB Andre Goodman, drafted DB Travis Fisher.Rednecks drafted DB Eugene Wilson.Trojans drafted DB Nick Harper.Undead drafted OL Jeno James.Twits drafted DB Jermaine Phillips.M&Mís (from Wildcats) drafted OL Vince Manuwai.Terminators released LB John Mobley, drafted RB Willis McGahee.Madmen drafted DL Kimo von Oelhoffen. Scalpers drafted DB Sammy Davis.Lightning Tribe released LB Henri Crockett, drafted LB Marlon Greenwood.Maulers released DB Eric Brown, drafted TE L.J. Smith.


ROUND 3:Kookaburras released K Bill Gramatica, drafted OL David Binn, drafted OL Steve Sciullo.Armageddon drafted LB Lance Briggs.Wolfpack drafted LB Boss Bailey.Devildogs drafted OL Mike Goff.Cheeseheads drafted WR Cedric Woodard.Blitzkrieg drafted DL Bryan Thomas.Wombats released DL Bryan Robinson, drafted DL Johnathan Sullivan. TRANSACTION:The M&Mís released RB Jonathan Wells, LB Nate Webster, LB Clark Haggans, DB Victor Green, and QB Chris Redman.M&Mís drafted LB Pisa Tinoisamoa.Kamikazes drafted OL Barry Sims.Maulers (from Harlequins) released WR DíWayne Bates, drafted RB Brian Westbrook.Rednecks drafted RB Onterrio Smith.Trojans released K John Carney, drafted K Jason Hanson.Undead drafted *Sean Taylor*.Twits drafted DL Ty Warren.Wildcats drafted DB Dexter McCleon.Terminators released QB Brian Griese, drafted DB Mike Rumph.Madmen drafted DL Adrian Dingle.Scalpers drafted RB Correll Buckhalter.Wildcats (from Lightning Tribe) drafted DB Lenny Walls.Maulers released TE Jay Riemersma, drafted WR Jerry Porter.


ROUND 4:Kookaburras released LB James Darling, drafted LB Zeke Moreno.Armageddon drafted OL Victor Riley.Wolfpack drafted DB David Barrett.Devildogs drafted DL Marques Douglas.Cheeseheads drafted LB Ben Leber.Blitzkrieg drafted DB Jerry Wilson.Wombats released LB Brant Boyer, drafted LB Rocky Calmus.M&Mís drafted WR Marcus Robinson.Kamikazes drafted OL Kevin Donnalley.Harlequins released DL John Parella, drafted DL Reggie Hayward.Rednecks drafted WR Troy Edwards.Trojans drafted *Shawn Andrews*.Undead drafted WR Bethel Johnson.Twits drafted DL Tyler Brayton.M&Mís (from Wildcats) drafted K Jeff Wilkins.Terminators released RB Brian Mitchell, drafted LB E.J. Henderson.Madmen drafted TE Antonio Gates.Scalpers passed, done drafting.TRANSACTION:The Lightning Tribe released RB Stacey Mack and DL Chartric Darby.Lightning Tribe drafted DL Jason Fisk.Maulers released WR Tim Dwight, drafted DB Terrence Kiel.


ROUND 5:Kookaburras released LB Isaiah Kacyvenski, drafted LB Levar Fisher.TRANSACTION:The Cheeseheads released DB Denard Walker, DL Daryl Gardener, DL Marcus Bell, and OL Derrick Deese.Armageddon drafted RB Quentin Griffin.Wolfpack drafted OL Justin Hartwig.Devildogs drafted DB Kelly Herndon.Cheeseheads drafted *Philip Rivers*.Blitzkrieg drafted *Kevin Jones*.Wombats released LB Adrian Ross, drafted *Roy Williams*.M&Mís drafted RB Chris Brown.Kamikazes drafted WR Kelly Campbell.Harlequins released K Paul Edinger, drafted K Shayne Graham.Rednecks drafted TE Brandon Manumaleuna.Trojans drafted *Jonathan Vilma*.Undead drafted LB Ike Reese.Twits drafted *D.J. Williams*.Wildcats drafted QB Rex Grossman.TRADE:The Terminators traded RB Tiki Barber, DB Bobby Taylor, LB Andra Davis, and LB Ryan Nece to the Blitzkrieg for OL Edwin Mulitalo, *Kevin Jones*, and their 2nd pick next season.The Blitzkrieg drop RB Mike Cloud and WR Jason McAddley.Terminators drafted *Ben Roethlisberger*.Madmen drafted *Vince Wilfork*.Lightning Tribe released LB Dwayne Rudd, drafted LB Matt Chatham.Maulers released OL Mo Collins, drafted WR Nate Burlson.


ROUND 6:Kookaburras released WR Frank Sanders, drafted WR Curtis Conway.Armageddon drafted WR Justin Gage.Wolfpack drafted OL Todd Washington.Devildogs drafted QB Tony Banks.Cheeseheads drafted RB Lee Suggs.Blitzkrieg released RB Doug Chapman, drafted DB Lito Sheppard.TRADE:The Wombats traded LB Brian Simmons and 10 points to the Maulers for OL Brad Meester, OL Maurice Williams, and LB Ray Thompson.TRANSACTION:The Wombats released DL Norman Hand and DB Damien Robinson.Wombats passed, done drafting.M&Mís drafted DL Alex Brown.Kamikazes drafted RB Shawn Bryson.Harlequins released RB Travis Minor, drafted RB DeShaun Foster.TRANSACTION:The Armageddon released RB Trung Canidate.Rednecks drafted WR Cedrick Wilson.Trojans drafted OL Matt Lehr.Undead drafted DB Ricky Manning Jr.Twits drafted OL Jeff Faine.Wildcats drafted LB Ben Taylor.Terminators drafted WR Brandon Lloyd.Madmen drafted DL Calvin Pace.Lightning Tribe released RB Terrelle Smith, drafted RB Jerald Sowell.Maulers drafted RB Tony Richardson.


ROUND 7:Kookaburras released DB Coy Wire, drafted DB Ken Lucas.Armageddon drafted OL Montrae Holland.Wolfpack drafted LB Jashon Sykes.Devildogs drafted DL Ryan Denny.Cheeseheads drafted LB Mo Lewis.Blitzkrieg released DL Josh Evans, drafted LB Victor Hobson.M&Mís drafted DB Donald Strickland.Kamikazes drafted DL Travis Kirschke.Harlequins released DB Dewayne Washington, drafted TE Teyo Johnson.Rednecks drafted LB D.D. Lewis.Trojans drafted DL Steve Martin.Undead drafted DB Allen Rossum.Twits released OL Tom Ackerman, drafted OL Wade Smith.Kookaburras (from Wildcats) passed.Terminators released OL Frank Middleton, drafted QB Ken Dorsey.Madmen drafted LB Kevin Bentley.Lightning Tribe released DL Chad Bratzke, drafted DB Asante Samuel.Maulers drafted RB Najeh Davenport.


ROUND 8:Kookaburras passed, done drafting.Armageddon drafted WR David Tyree.Wolfpack drafted EB Trung Canidate.Devildogs drafted DL Russell Davis.Cheeseheads drafted DL Dennis Johnson.Blitzkrieg passed, done drafting.M&Mís drafted OL Langston Walker.Kamikazes drafted DL Rashad Moore.Harlequins released OL Kendall Simmons, drafted OL David Diehl.Rednecks drafted QB Tim Hasselbeck.Trojans drafted DL Willie Blade.Undead drafted DL Aaron Kampman.Twits released WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh, drafted TE Tony Stewart.Wildcats drafted WR Jonathan Carter.Terminators passed, done drafting.Madmen drafted DB Renaldo Hill.Lightning Tribe released QB Steve Beuerlein, drafted QB Gus Frerotte.Maulers released RB Ruben Droughns, drafted *Larry Fitzgerald*.


ROUND 9:TRADE:The Lightning Tribe traded OL Chester Pitts to the Armageddon for 10 points.Armageddon drafted DB Bryan Scott.Wolfpack drafted DL Larry Chester.Devildogs drafted LB Donnie Spragan.Cheeseheads drafted DB Dewayne Washington.M&Mís drafted *Tommie Harris*.Kamikazes drafted DL Greg Spires.Harlequins released P Chris Mohr, drafted P Hunter Smith.Rednecks passed, done drafting.Trojans drafted TE Cam Cleeland.Undead drafted LB Brant Boyer.Twits released DL Jay Williams, drafted DL Anthony Adams.Wildcats drafted DL Ebenezer Ekuban.Madmen drafted DB Bobby Gray.Lightning Tribe released TE James Dearth, drafted TE Hunter Goodwin.Maulers passed, done drafting.


ROUND 10:Armageddon drafted QB David Garrard.Wolfpack passed, done drafting.Devildogs drafted P Tom Rouen.Cheeseheads drafted WR Charles Lee.M&Mís drafted DB Chris Crocker.Kamikazes drafted RB James Jackson.Harlequins released LB Sedrick Hodge, drafted LB Jason Glenn.Trojans drafted LB Nate Webster.Undead drafted *Will Smith*.Twits released DL Lorenzo Bromell, drafted DB Mark Roman.Wildcats drafted WR Dane Looker.Madmen drafted TE Casey Fitzsimmons.Lightning Tribe drafted WR Darnerien McCants.


ROUND 11:Armageddon drafted WR Bryant Johnson.Devildogs drafted OL Orlando Brown.Cheeseheads drafted TE Wesley Walls.M&Mís released WR Terrence Wilkins, drafted OL Kyle Kosier.Kamikazes drafted DB Deshea Townsend.Harlequins passed, done drafting.Trojans drafted LB John Mobley.Undead drafted DL Michael Haynes.Twits released DB Kevin Carpenter, drafted RB Justin Fargas.Wildcats drafted RB Brad Hoover.Madmen drafted OL Russ Hochstein.Lightning Tribe drafted RB Rock Cartwright.


ROUND 12:Armageddon drafted WR Tyrone Calico.Devildogs drafted OL Wayne Lucier.Cheeseheads drafted WR Troy Walters.M&Mís passed, done drafting.Kamikazes drafted LB Greg Favors.Trojans drafted QB Preston Parsons.Undead released WR Reche Caldwell, drafted WR Doug Gabriel.Twits released LB Sam Rogers, drafted LB Rocky Boiman.Wildcats released DB Jimmy Williams, drafted DB Rogers Beckett.Madmen drafted RB Jim Finn.Lightning Tribe passed, done drafting.


ROUND 13:Armageddon drafted LB Solomon Bates.Devildogs drafted LB Lester Towns.Cheeseheads drafted OL Kelvin Garmon.Kamikazes drafted LB Kenyatta Wright.Trojans released WR Joe Jurevicius, drafted QB Billy Volek.Undead released DB Corey Fuller, drafted DL Dan Klecko.Twits passed, done drafting.Wildcats drafted OL Patrick Mannelly.Madmen passed, done drafting.


ROUND 14:Armageddon drafted DB Colin Branch.Devildogs passed, done drafting.Cheeseheads passed, done drafting.Kamikazes passed, done drafting.Trojans released DL Tony Williams, drafted WR Cortez Hankton.Undead released OL Ephriam Salaam, drafted OL Brandon Winey.Wildcats passed, done drafting.


ROUND 15:Armageddon drafted QB Chris Simms.Trojans released DL Sean Gilbert, drafted DB Cliff Crosby.Undead passed, done drafting.


ROUND 16:Armageddon drafted TE O.J. Santiago.Trojans released DL Keith McKenzie, drafted WR David Terrell.


ROUND 17:Armageddon drafted WR Matthew Hatchette.Trojans passed, done drafting.


ROUND 18:Armageddon drafted TE Osi Umenyiora.


ROUND 19:Armageddon drafted RB Brock Forsey.


ROUND 20:Armageddon drafted DB Jerametrius Butler.


ROUND 21:Armageddon passed, done drafting.