Here are the results of the 2002 NHL Draft.

ROUND 1: Wranglers drafted F Alexei Yashin. Bigfeet drafted F Peter Bondra. RoadRunners drafted G Roman Cechmanek. Thunderbirds drafted F Brad Richards. Blasters drafted G Marty Turco. Iceholes drafted G Jean-Sebastian Giguere. Neanderthals drafted G Patrick Lalime. Sluts drafted F Mario Lemieux. Llamas drafted F Marian Gaborik. Crossbars drafted F Sergei Brylin. Card Sharks waived F Tim Taylor, drafted F Daniel Briere. Mad Dawgs drafted F Geoff Sanderson. Whores drafted D Colin White. Fireants drafted G Manny Fernandez. Rampage drafted F Cory Stillman. Mammoths drafted F Martin Havlat.

ROUND 2: Wranglers drafted D Rhett Warrener. Bigfeet drafted F Martin St. Louis. RoadRunners drafted F Scott Walker. Thunderbirds drafted F Espen Knutsen. Blasters drafted F Martin Gelinas. Iceholes drafted F J.P. Dumont. Neanderthals drafted D Lubomir Visnovsky. Sluts drafted F Niklas Sundstrom. Llamas drafted F Steve Reinprecht. Crossbars drafted D Greg de Vries. Card Sharks waived F Steve Rucchin, drafted F Mike Comrie. Mad Dawgs drafted D Karel Rachunek. Whores drafted D Jaroslav Modry. TRADE: Card Sharks traded F Sami Kapanen and D Patrice Briesbois to Crossbars for F Patrick Marleau. TRADE: Crossbars traded F Pat Verbeek to Card Sharks for 1 point. Fireants drafted F Saku Koivu. Rampage drafted D Lubomir Sekeras. Mammoths drafted F Ladislav Nagy.

ROUND 3: Wranglers drafted D Eric Brewer. Bigfeet drafted F Kyle Calder. RoadRunners drafted D Bret Hedican. Thunderbirds drafted F Oleg Petrov. Blasters drafted F Shane Willis. Iceholes drafted F Jan Hrdina. Neanderthals drafted F Andrei Nikolishin. Sluts drafted F Marty McInnis. Llamas drafted F Tim Connolly. Crossbars drafted F Mike Grier. Card Sharks waived D Murray Baron, drafted D Zdeno Chara. Mad Dawgs drafted D Filip Kuba. Whores drafted F Slava Kozlov. Fireants drafted D Michal Sykora. Rampage passed, done drafting. Whores waived D Sami Salo, drafted D Andy Delmore.

ROUND 4: Wranglers drafted F Curtis Brown. Bigfeet drafted F Justin Williams. RoadRunners drafted F Shayne Corson. Thunderbirds drafted D David Tanabe. Blasters drafted F David Legwand. Iceholes drafted D Jamie Heward. Neanderthals drafted D Alexander Khavanov. Sluts drafted D Anders Eriksson. Llamas drafted D Dan Boyle. Crossbars drafted D Scott Hannan. Card Sharks waived F Pat Verbeek, drafted F P.J. Axelsson. Mad Dawgs drafted F Tony Hrkac. Whores drafted F Tomas Holmstrom. Fireants drafted D Hans Jonsson. Mammoths waived G Jamie Storr, drafted F Todd White.

ROUND 5: Wranglers drafted D Andrei Markov. Bigfeet drafted D Paul Mara. RoadRunners drafted F Darby Hendrickson. Thunderbirds drafted F Grant Marshall. Blasters drafted D Deron Quint. Iceholes passed, done drafting. Neanderthals waived D Boris Mironov, drafted F Valeri Kamensky. Sluts drafted G Mike Dunham. Llamas drafted G Kevin Weekes. Crossbars drafted F German Titov. TRANSACTION: Crossbars waived D Greg Hawgood. Card Sharks waived F Mike Eastwood, drafted G Manny Legace. Mad Dawgs drafted D Steve Staios. TRADE: Card Sharks traded F Andrew Brunette, 6th round pick, and 3 points to Whores for 5th round pick and 4th round pick in 2003. Card Sharks (from Whores) drafted F Scott Thornton. Fireants waived D Dmitri Mironov, drafted D Brad Lukovich. Mammoths waived D Jaroslav Spacek, drafted D Brent Sopel.

ROUND 6: Wranglers drafted F Shawn Bates. Bigfeet drafted F Mike Fisher. RoadRunners drafted D Frantisek Kaberle. Thunderbirds drafted D Dimitri Kalinin. Blasters drafted F Marcus Nilson. Neanderthals waived F Andrei Nazarov, drafted D Bob Boughner. Sluts drafted D Marek Malik. Llamas drafted D Toni Lydman. Crossbars drafted D Dave Karpa. Whores (from Card Sharks) drafted G Tomas Vokoun. Mad Dawgs drafted G Martin Biron. Whores drafted F Ruslan Fedotenko. Fireants was G Mike Vernon, drafted G Jamie Storr. Mammoths passed, done drafting.

ROUND 7: Wranglers drafted D Jiri Fischer. Bigfeet drafted G Jocelyn Thibault. RoadRunners drafted G Arturs Irbe. Thunderbirds passed, done drafting. Blasters passed, done drafting. Neanderthals drafted F Peter Schaefer. Sluts passed, done drafting. Llamas drafted F Rem Murray. Crossbars drafted D Danny Markov. Card Sharks waived F Claude Lapointe, drafted D Robyn Regehr. Mad Dawgs passed, done drafting. Whores passed, done drafting. TRANSACTION: Crossbars waived D Sean Hill. Fireants passed, done drafting.

ROUND 8: Wranglers drafted G David Aebischer. Bigfeet passed, done drafting. RoadRunners drafted G Byron Dafoe. Neanderthals passed, done drafting. Llamas passed, done drafting. Crossbars drafted F Kris Draper. Card Sharks passed, done drafting.

ROUND 9: Wranglers drafted F Mike Knuble. RoadRunners passed, done drafting. Crossbars drafted G Mike Richter.

ROUND 10: Wranglers passed, done drafting. Crossbars passed, done drafting.